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Dr. Catherine Meeks blends scholarly excellence with heartfelt activism, shaping her as a distinguished voice in socio-cultural studies and a beacon for community transformation. As the retired Clara Carter Acree Distinguished Professor of Socio-Cultural Studies, she spent 25 impactful years at Mercer University, fostering a deep understanding of race, gender, and class among her students. Dr. Meeks' educational journey, enriched by degrees from Pepperdine University, Atlanta University, and Emory University, reflects her dedication to intertwining Jungian psychology with African and African American Women's Literature.

In her past role as the Founding Executive Director of the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Healing, Dr. Meeks orchestrated spiritual retreats and workshops, engaging communities in the vital work of addressing oppression. Her literary contributions, including the reflective "The Night is Long but Light Comes in the Morning," and her awaited memoir, "The Quilted Life," underscore her commitment to racial healing and personal growth.

Dr. Meeks' profound community impact is recognized by the President Joseph R. Biden Lifetime Achievement and Service Award and her distinction as one of Georgia Trend Magazine's notable women. Her engaging blogs and podcasts extend her influence, providing ongoing wisdom and inspiration. With honorary doctorates from esteemed institutions, such asĀ Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University, Dr. Meeks continues to illuminate paths toward understanding and collective wellness.


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