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The Turquoise and Lavender Institute for Transformation and Healing was founded by Dr. Catherine Meeks in January 2024. This Institute weaves together the individual and collective search for the threads of light leading to transformation and healing as we confront the forces that seek to keep us imprisoned in darkness.

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"Bitches" and "Witches": Exploring the Journey of the Empowered Woman

(A virtual meeting)

This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to delve into the patriarchal
foundation that has supported the efforts to put empowered women back in their
place and make sure that they stay there. The witch hunts in ages past reflected
the efforts to manage powerful women and 21 st Century disparaging
microaggressions that are hurled at the modern woman labeling her as “bitch”
share a common foundation which is built on the patriarchal fear of losing
control. This energy is deeply embedded in the human psyche in ways that lead to
violence and much suffering for both males and females.

  • Can we redeem this
    history, if so in what way?
  • How do we find the path to the creation of a new
  • How can we reclaim womanpower and restore it to its rightful place in
    ways that help to heal women, men, and the planet?

We will explore these questions and many others in the time that we spend together as we explore this challenging part of the human journey.

Led by Catherine Meeks, Ph.D
March 23, 2024 10:00AM EST-2:00PM EST

$60.00 Limited to 80 Participants
Scholarships Available










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